Political Animal is a community of readers, writers, and thinkers, dedicated to vibrant, serious, and interdisciplinary discussion of political things. Our aim is to deepen and clarify political discourse in North America. We facilitate a conversation between diverse viewpoints, from thinkers in different fields, specialties, and practice areas, highlighting their points of contact and clarifying their bearing on general political and human concerns.

Where the mainstream media is too shallow, Political Animal treats subjects with depth. Where academic journals are too mired in scholarly form and conceits, Political Animal liberates serious thought from unnecessary conventions. Where the internet makes so much of political debate toxically personal, distorted, and trivialized, Political Animal provides avenues for privacy and experimentation. In all of these ways, Political Animal provides a forum where merit speaks first, rather than credentials.

Media – Political Animal is a multi-platform project with online, print, and conference platforms. Inaugurated by Political Animal Magazine, we cover topics like general politics, current events, public policy, international affairs, political philosophy and others.

Almost every field, point of view, ideological bent or method of political inquiry is potentially of interest to us. Our general mission, observed throughout our media, is to provide a forum for the examination, discussion and debate of political issues with a level of depth and sophistication that is rarely found in the mainstream media, as well as with a kind of candor and informality that is absent in academic media.

With a publishing imprint, grassroots outreach, accessible editorial board, access to top-level experts in their fields, and an upcoming conference circuit, Political Animal is a kind of city in speech, one devoted at every level and in each part to the cultivation and promotion of serious political thought.

Involvement – Readers, writers, professionals, academics, and others all have their place at Political Animal. We welcome both finished and experimental thought, that provides feedback for your work, and that puts you in touch with interested readership as well as experts.

Political Animal is an alternative comprehensive paradigm, wherein political thought can be cultivated from the ground up, root to branch, with a myriad of outlets and avenues for expression. It is also a place where people within traditional academia, professions, and politics can further their ideas and advance their careers.

Because of it comprehensiveness, and the originality of its vision, Political Animal is able to both challenge the orthodoxy where it is failing, and complement it where it succeeds. It departs from old modes and orders, but with an eye to understanding and nurturing what are always the most important parts of political thought – dialogue, discussion, and debate.