By: Kenneth Smookler

The following is from a draft of a forthcoming book, with the working title Farr & Beyond: Lawyers for the Otherworldly.

Excerpts from the files of the law firm which is prepared to act for the inhabitants of fantastical lands and what may or may not be imagined times and places.

Judge’s ruling on motion for summary dismissal

This is a motion which has been brought by Dr. Frankenstein for summary dismissal of the action against him by the plaintiff, currently known as John Doe.

The grounds alleged by the defendant to be sufficient for the dismissal of this action are as follows together with my reasons for dismissal:

  1. The plaintiff has no name and no place of residence and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for costs.

The plaintiff, having been alive only 23 months is represented by the Official Guardian and therefore would not have been responsible for costs, in any case.

  1. The plaintiff, having been created by Dr. Frankenstein, is not a natural person and therefore has no standing in this court.

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