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Political Animal Magazine is currently seeking articles for our online site. We have a broad focus on the intersection of politics, political theory, and society. This is an opportunity for you to gain exposure for your work and to get in at the beginning of a project aimed at elevating the quality of contemporary political discourse in the United States and Canada.

Topics that we cover include general politics, political philosophy, current events, public policy, international affairs, legal theory, contemporary culture, literary studies, and others. Almost every field, point of view, ideological bent or method of inquiry is potentially of interest to us. Our mission is to provide a forum for the examination, discussion, and debate of political and social issues with level of depth and sophistication that is presently absent in the mainstream media, as well as with a kind of candor and informality that is absent in academic media.

Political Animal Magazine provides a platform where you, as a writer and thinker, can persuade a readership of the merits of your take on the political and social issues that interest you, as well as of the lens through which you view those issues. It also provides a place for you to experiment and get feedback on your work from people who are serious about similar and related concerns to your own.

As we appreciate the need to gain recognition for your work, and also the need for trial and error and sometimes privacy when developing ideas, we offer you the choice of publishing with us in your own name or by making use of the great tradition of pseudonyms.

Our aim is also to publish work that will appeal to academic, professional and general audiences. We are interested in short pieces, written by professionals, by serious non-professionals, by activists and observers, or by advanced graduate students, instructors, and faculty on any themes or issues that they feel able to address in the manner described. The articles will be their own justification: if the work addresses its subject in a sufficiently interesting and thoughtful manner, we will publish it. All styles and formats are welcome, from essays to book reviews, advocacy pieces to satire. Other sorts of media such as infographics or videos are also welcome.

Articles can be anywhere from 500-2000 words in length, but we will consider other lengths or formats.  

No particular style is required and articles need not adhere to scholarly form or conventions. For more information, please contact:

Submissions can be sent for review to:


  1. Mushim Ikeda

    It would be helpful if you inserted date of online publication above or below the author’s name for each article.

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