Battle of Ideas

This is your invitation to enter the fray. To attack or defend ideas that matter.

Political Animal Magazine is running a contest for short op-ed style articles that look at politics in terms of the ideas that underlie them.

We are looking for articles that take a philosophic argument or claim, explain why it matters to politics today, and make a case why it is right or wrong. Winning submissions will clearly and compellingly articulate the meaning and merit of the ideas in question. Pieces should be no more than 2000 words, written in an op-ed or blog style that is accessible to intelligent general readers, and highlight the role of ideas in politics.


The theme of the contest is Free Speech. Any argument or claim touching on the idea of freedom of speech is an appropriate subject—for example, Milton or Mill’s marketplace of ideas, Popper, Rawls, or Waltz’s articulation of the paradox of tolerance, or Rousseau’s defense of censorship as the declaration of the public judgment.


The three submissions judged best will each receive an award of $50. We will publish all submissions of note, including crosslinks to any other sites on which the pieces appear, should you request this.


The deadline for submissions is Oct 30, 2017. Submissions should be sent to, with the email subject “Contest”.

Image: First Amendment to the US Constitution, Independence National Park, Philadelphia, by elpadawan (CC BY-SA 2.00.)


Penelope’s Choice


The Libertarian Error


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