For Readers


Political Animal Magazine is a place to find thought-provoking articles on a variety of political and social ideas in a variety of formats.

We present articles from different viewpoints on a wide range of subjects–from ancient philosophy to pop culture–with more depth than in much of contemporary media yet less formality than in academic journals. Our writers often respond directly to each other, creating interesting and sometimes interdisciplinary discussions for you to read.

Readers are encouraged to engage with the articles and debates, becoming writers themselves, through a commenting system that promotes high-quality comments, and helps turn them into mini articles.

For Writers


Political Animal Magazine is a place to share your ideas, get feedback on your work, and connect with people working on similar problems.

It is a place to discuss works in progress with less formality than academic conferences and more rigor than many blogs. We source responses to your work from other writers in your, or related fields, and work with our reader base to find interesting critiques that may clarify your thinking or help you position your work for a wider audience.

It is a platform for you to develop your voice, gain recognition, or perhaps even experiment with different subjects or forms. Writers are welcome to publish either in their own name or via pseudonym.


At the heart of Political Animal is dialogue. Everything we do is a collaboration between our readers and writers. We believe that our best ideas come out of discussion and want to bring together people who share a commitment to serious discussion, but work in areas that don’t often intersect.

Whether you are a reader or a writer, you are a political animal. Embrace your nature and join our community!

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